ARCHIVE: AT Golden Packet - Kenwood TM-D710G - APRS Digipeater Settings

Robert Bruninga’s original document dated:

7 July 2016

All of the digipeater settings for a D710G can be made from the front panel. Here are the settings:

Remember the Tuning knob is also the SELECT button for navigating menus.

Press F key and then TUNING knob Select APRS menu

600 BASIC settings set MYCALL to MDMTN-7 601 Set A band for APRS data and 1200 (later 9600) 602 GPS port INPUT OFF 605 MY POSITION - enter lat long and make sure that the ASTERIX is associated with this #1 memory selection. Do that with the USE button when that memory is selected 606 Set speed off 607 Set SPECIAL 608 *1 enter text: Change this frequently to show your status 609 Position limit OFF 610 Station icon: select the TENT (Portable) 611 Beacon TX algorithm METHOD Auto Initial interval 10 minutes Decay OFF Proportional OFF 612 PATH TYPE * OTHERS (be sure to press USE button to get asterisk *) PATH: HOP7-7,HOP7-7 613 APRS 614 Voice Alert OFF 616 DIGIPEAT (MYCALL) ON 617 UICHECK TIME 10 seconds (default is 28) 618 UIDIGI OFF 619 UIFLOOD ON ALIAS HOP SUBSTITUTION ID 620 UITRACE ON ALIAS TEMP 622 AUTO REPLY MESSAGE OFF!!! 625 INTERRUPT ALWAYS


Set A to HIGH power if your battery can afford it. Otherwise use Medium Power. Use minimum voice power on side B as required. Keep the DATA band squelch tight.

PRESS TNC button (lower right) until “D” shows on band A “APRS12” should show on the top of SIDE A

PRESS “BCON” button until BCON displays on the top line of the display.

That should be it. Please test from another radio using the path of HOP7-7 and be sure it digipeats.

PM - PROGRAM MEMORIES: Save everything in a PM memory as follows: Once everything above is programmed:

  1. Press FUNCTION - PMin - Select PM number. I use #5

  2. Now important, SELECT PM#5 to operate from

  3. NOW there are additional menu options in various menu items

  4. go to AUX and make two more settings: 900 Set the NAME of your PM to AT-GP 922 Set Auto-PM-store to OFF !!!!!!!

NOW THEN DO ANOTHER [F] - PMin - 5 to SAVE this in PM5.

Power off the radio and back on and it should come up in PM5. RE-SAVE the PM.

Operating from a PM and having AUTO-PM-STORE - OFF will assure that nothing you will do will mess up PM 5 unless you purposefully make changes and then do another [F] - PMin - 5 SAVE.